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Group Classes

Group Training

It's more fun with friends! With a class sizes and a variety of times there is ALWAYS a reason to come and kick your way to fit. Accountability, education, support, and a great community of people who want the same from their workout as you!

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Knowledge, Integrity, Discipline, Self-Defense

Bring your Tiny Tiger, Dragon Warrior, or Ninja Turtle in for more than just kicks. We teach life skills such as, team work, respect, self motivation, goal setting and achieving, how to navigate interpersonal relationships, and positive body and self image. We make sure your child leaves feeling fit and confident.

1-1 Coaching

Personal Training

Develop your own training regimen with a personal trainer to guide and support your goals every step of the way. From nutrition guidance to life coaching you will learn and grow and make YOU your priority.  Choose from single sessions to a monthly commitment. Discover just how fit you can be!

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Fit 15

Fit 15 - KIDFit
Program Coming Soon!

Often times, it's not the desire that is lacking; it's the time. We are more heavily scheduled now than ever before. And the things that truly benefit our health and wellness are shuffled to the back. Fit 15 - KIDS is a course of 15-20 minute martial arts lessons. Kids get all the benefits of learning and you don't have to take 90 minutes out of the day 2-3 times a week to get them to a live training. Each lesson is interactive and ends with a small bit of homework to reinforce the techniques and concepts outlined in the lesson. Can be used as a supplement to in person classes.


Vince Lombardi


Fit 15 - MFC

MFC - Mom Fight Club

Whether you are mothering fur babies, foster babies, neighborhood babies, biological babies, angel babies, and babies disguised as significant others you've probably said these:

"I'll get in my workout after ______is finished"

"I can workout at 5am!!"

"Time to myself? That's selfish"

You are a motivated, unselfish, purpose driven, take care of every thing and every one else first, I got THINGS to DO type of person. But putting your SELF on the back burner will eventually burn you out. Fit 15 - MFC is a subscription service. You get access to 15 minute workout videos and special workouts (think boxing, mimosas and charities) as well as a discount on memberships and personal training.

You are worth it. You are WORTH it. YOU are worth it.

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